Japanese Curry from scratch / ビーフカレー ルーなし

Japanese Curry from scratch / ビーフカレー ルーなし

Japanese curry from scratch
Japanese beef Curry
ビーフカレー 作り方 ルーなし

📖FULL RECIPE: https://onl.la/eswED4K

🧑‍🍳About me: https://www.chefslabo.com/about-the-chef

🍙 FAQ about the ingredients: https://www.chefslabo.com/general-7

FAQ examples:
-What is kombu?
-Which brand of soy sauce should I buy?
-Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu?
-How much dashi powder should I use?
(Each pages include pictures)


0:00 Prepare Ingredients
3:00 Beef oil
3:46 Sear Beef
6:30 Mushroom
7:32 Curry roux
10:47 Combine

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Ingredients (OUNCE available too) & Written recipe 👉https://onl.la/eswED4K


[Other FAQ]

Q:What is your frying pan?
A: The brand is “Pro cooker”
Please search “Pro cooker pan”

Q: What’s the curry powder made of?
A: https://bit.ly/3pvru24

Q: Can I use pork or Lamb?
A: Yes you can


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