Chicken Curry Sauce recipe チキンカレーソースのレシピ・作り方

Chicken Curry Sauce recipe チキンカレーソースのレシピ・作り方

I cooked this curry sause for curryparty!
Very famous cooking youtuber Cooking with Dog and runnyrunny999 came to my house.

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ingredients for 40
3kg chickenwing
10 onion
4 carrot
1400g curry powder
8Liter water
some oil

チキンウィング 3kg
たまねぎ 10個
にんじん 4本
カレー粉(市販のものをブレンド) 約1400g
牛脂 5個
サラダ油 適量
水 8リットル


Put beef tallow insted of oil, and fry the chicken wings until the surface gets burned.

Grill them in the oven(200°) for 10 minutes.

During grilling them, cut carrots and onion.

Cut carrots into small size so as to extract more flavor.

Cut onions into a little larger size.

Put onions on heat-resistant dish and heat them in the microwave oven for 8 minutes(600w)

After the onions are cooked, put oil in the pan and fry them.

Fry them until their color becomes yellowish-brown like this.

Heat carrots in tha pan without oil.

Put grilled chicken in the pressure cooker and add water.

Add cut carrots and onions.

Stir well and boil in a low heat for an hour.

I used 2 pressure cookers to cook for 40 people.

Remove harshness during boiling.

After you remove harshness, cover the pressure cooker for another hour.

After an hour has passed, release pressure and raise the cover.

Stir well to separate meat and born.

After separated, boil for another hour.

After 8 hours have passed, raise the cover.

Add water a little and boil in a low heat.

Filter the soup by using something reticulate.

Add curry powder little by little to the filtered soup.

Boil until the lumps of the powder disappear and put the sauce in the refragerator for a night(about 8 hours)

The sauce will be more thicky after a day in the refragerator.

Now, it’s done.

By using this curry sauce, you can cook various curry rice.